Books I've Illustrated:
by Troy Horton
Children's book about a man's
walk through the snowy
mountains and what he
imagines is happening.
by Jan Hindman
Children's book about
prevention of child abuse.
Josh's Journal
by tom novak
Children's book, fictional, a
twelve year old's diary of
the Oregon Trail trip.
by Joyce Hunsaker
Taken from the one woman
play about coming west on the
Oregon Trail.
Rocks Not Happy In Sacks
by Gilbert Walking Bull and
Sally Moore
Children's book about Gilbert's
belief: all life is sacred.
A Long Good-bye and Beyond
by Linda Combs, Ed.D.
Coping with Alzheimer's.
The Road
by James Nave'
There Is NO Sex Fairy
by Jan Hindman
Prevention of child abuse:
raising sexually respectful
Magic Summer of Bluebirds
by Lucille Nellis and Micki Nellis
Children's book about Bluebirds
in Eastern Oregon.
Various illustrations from
other book
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